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August 29, 2018 by
The First Successfully Funded Boost Project Is Here

Today, On The Floor by Paranoir Pictures became the first Boost crowdfunding project to be successful funded using the ELIX app! Thanks to our community for supporting this project. This is just the beginning for creators on Boost.

On The Floor is scheduled to be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Paranoir Pictures describes On The Floor as “…a short film that encourages discussion of how we artistically channel our inner pain, including mental illness and addiction, in the online era.”

Backers can continue to support this project for another 28 days, after which the tokens will be distributed to Paranoir Pictures.

Get The App

To check out more projects on Boost and support On The Floor, download the app for iOS here or Android here. You can also click on the below images to download the app:

Elix App Store

Elix Google Play


If you need ELIX to use on the app, you can get some here.

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We’re doing a 15,000 ELIX giveaway! You can join the giveaway here. You’ll receive 15x extra entries in the giveaway for downloading the app.

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Become an early creator by signing up on Boost here. We’re also working on tools to speed up how projects are added to the ELIX app.

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